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Fashion Coaching

Fashion Styling Process

How you show up in the world matters.


It can create opportunities, or hinder them.
It can bolster your reputation, or tarnish it.
It can expand your im
pact, or diminish it.

Assessment & Goal Setting

Get laser-focused on your lifestyle and fashion goals so you can bridge the gap between where you are now and where you want to be.

Build Your Style Strategy

We’ll co-create your personal style strategy geared toward your long-term goals and the kind of lifestyle that matters to you the most.

Make it real! Make it last!

You have your color palette, your style, and lifestyle assessment and strategy—now let’s launch it. Now, let's clear that closet and get shopping!

Love how you look, and the world will follow.

You're a mature, creative, resourceful person. So look the part! We'll work together, whenever you feel your wardrobe needs a touch up. From full-scale closet clearing, to one-on-one personal shopping experiences, I'm here to work with you at your level to make sure you achieve your fashion goals.

I offer several approaches to my services, tailored to fit you (just like your clothes!) If you need a style advisor when you solo-shop, I'm here for you! If you're ready to renovate not just your look but your OUTLOOK, I'm here for you!


Beauty starts from within. That's why what's different about Wendy Day. She's not your average stylist. She's a life coach with a rich history in fashion, and loves to help you do the work of transformation from a deeper, personal level. The many outfits she'll help you create are just the icing on the cake!


Our Process

Free Discovery Call

Let's do a free 30-min discovery call to see how we can work together. Because your style is as unique as you are, the more information I can gather, the better I'll know how to serve you!

Discovery Session #2

But the layers go even deeper. We'll spend this hour reflecting on your life and lifestyle. What do you do with your time? What kind of clothes fit the life you want to create? Do you need vacation clothes because you plan to travel a lot?

In-Home Closet Tour

This is where it gets exciting. Yes, we're going to clean out your closet. In order to get a good picture of your style, I'll need to see it! Knowing all the puzzle pieces will help us fit them back together again.

Discovery Session #3

And lastly, the nitty gritty. How does it all fit together? We'll cover all the categories from loungewear to underwear to evening wear. This final discovery session will complete our fashion map, pointing us in the right direction for the next phase: shopping!

First Discovery Session

We can't start shopping until we know what we're looking for. Here's where I really get to know you. What are your fashion goals? What are your colors? Where do you want to be in your life and your look?

One-on-One Shopping

This is the fun part. We'll spend half a day following your personal fashion map. I'll take you to a combination of my favorite stores and yours. We'll do some shopping together to round out and complete your wardrobe. 


Ready to look your best?

Studio Photography Session

Photo Session

Book an additional fashion photo session after our shopping session to complete the map of the new you!

Winter Outfit

The Reason is the Season

Rinse and repeat for as many seasons as you feel you need. Remember, fashion changes as much as you do! Let's connect again anytime you need.


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