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Devoted to Empowering Others

My story is simple, but the journey to get here was a bit more complicated. For many years I was a Motivational Leader with Weight Watchers International, and supported thousands of people in making positive changes in their lives. Over time, I found even better and more extensive models for lifestyle improvement that would come to inform my coaching practice and my custom addiction recovery programs that I offer today. 


I also struggled with my own life challenges and addictions.  I was married and raising two children when my marriage turned toxic and I began to drink to hide my suffering. I joined AA, and am thankful for my almost 14 years of sobriety.  I am deeply rooted in many healing communities and have seen the impact that personal connection has had on my healing and the healing of my clients. Now, I am taking those years of pain, growth, and learning, and have turned them into programs to help others like you who may be suffering in a life that isn't the one you pictured for yourself.

Working with me will result in:

  • increased energy, creativity, vitality, and enthusiasm for life

  • improved relationships, development of more meaningful connections

  • steps toward building a sober and happy life

  • creating sustainable changes in habits to create lifelong health and happiness

As a Certified Life Coach, I have created a multi-layered program that uses introspection, faith and self-love to help individuals, couples, and families investigate and remove their obstacles and become empowered to build a life and lifestyle of sobriety, wellness, and abundance in all areas of their life.

About Me


  • Robbins Madanes Certified Life Coach

  • Robbins Madanes Six Human Needs Certification

  • Weight Watchers Tools for Living Certification


  • 12 Step Recovery

  • 18 years as Motivational Leader at Weight Watchers

  • 14 years with AA, experienced AA Sponsor

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