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Sober coaching with personalized, one-on-one support for individuals recovering from addiction.

Embrace sobriety, one step at a time!

Imagine a personal cheerleader, beacon of support, and unwavering guide on your journey to your best life.

You are not alone. Let's take this journey together.

Hey there, warrior of recovery!

You're ready for a victory.

Your journey toward sobriety is unique, and having a sober coach by your side makes it even more empowering.

I've been through it, too.

If you are considering or already on the path of recovery, know that you're not alone. Every small step you take is a victory. Every victory is a step toward a brighter future.

Let’s get you living your best life.


What can I help you with?


There are many different paths to recovery, so find out what works best for you is critical. It's all about finding a strategy that sticks and that feels good to you.


As a guide, I am with you every step of the way. Offering helpful tips, sharing resources, and being a steadfast ally. There are many things one can do to be successful, and tapping your own inner guide is an important part of the process.


More than a sober coach, I offer encouragement, friendship, and non-judgmental support. Knowing you have someone alongside you is often half the battle.

How can Wendy help you?

Holding Hands

Once-Weekly Sober Coaching

Have you ever wanted more from your recovery community?

Deep down, you know you'll succeed, but you need something more to get you over the obstacles you face. Having a one-on-one coach enhances your motivation, is often very therapeutic, and helps you as an individual set and reach your goals. 

Group settings are a huge help in this journey, however, there is nothing like the magic of one-on-one support to get you through.

Addiction takes many forms . . .

But there's always a root cause. 

Let's look at what's under the surface and really aim for the root of the problem. In addition to re-structuring our lives, what really creates lasting success is addressing what's below the surface as well. I know you are here because you are willing to make the necessary changes to live the life you deserve. Let's get to work!

Sandy Beach

Meet Staci

  • Staci struggled with food addiction.

  • She was unsuccessful for years at trying to change her habits.

  • We started our coaching with the goal to remove any mental “weight” and to motivate Staci to start making small, incremental changes. 

  • The key to Staci's success was to discover her deeply held beliefs about herself (root cause) and then to to help organize her kitchen (surface changes.)

  • Staci lost 30 pounds from December to end of April 2023.

  • . . . and now she’s back to her High School weight!

"Wendy has a way about her that brings out my true feelings. I trust her with the truth. She works with me reaching my core and explores with me my stuff. Her caring, cheerful, passionate, instinctive personality is what is needed for me to respond and figure out myself. She is able to relate and share some of her own struggles and how she managed them to make her a better person. Her educational background coupled with her life experiences and passion for people comes through with flying colors. She is a pleasure to work with.”

Tami, Marin CA


For over 20 years, Wendy has worked as motivational leader and life coach helping individuals like you to:

  • get sober and stay sober

  • increase energy, vitality, and enthusiasm for life

  • lose weight & maintain a healthy weight

  • remove obstacles to success

  • experience lasting confidence

  • create sustainable changes in habits that create lifelong positive shifts

As a Certified Life Coach and having been on her own sober journey (over 14 years), Wendy knows what works!

Looking for a keynote speaker or workshop facilitator to motivate and impact your community? Hire Wendy to speak

Stones of Meaning

It is 100% possible.

Find out how.

Build a sober life of purpose.

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"I am devoted to empowering people to live more abundant lives from a place of courage, confidence, love and resolve."

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