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Personal Styling, Fashion Consulting, & Weight Loss Support for Modern, Fashion-forward Women






Hey there. Let's keep this simple.

You're ready for an upgrade.

You want to lose weight.

You're ready to update your wardrobe.

You want cool clothes that flatter your physique 

and tell the world that you're a mature, professional, creative, classy lady.

I get it.

Life's too short not to feel beautiful, to express your unique personality, and to feel confident every single day.

Let’s get you looking and feeling your best

—with your own personal style coach.

Gala Rack

My offerings. . . 

Get Styled

Have you ever wanted some help with your look from someone who knows what works on you? Get to know your shape, styles, and colors and let's shop!

Lose Weight

You want to lose weight, and you're feeling ready for the journey. Before we shop together, let's work on some basics to get you feeling good in your body.

Feel Great!

Confidence is key! Don't spend another day without it. All changes come from within,  so incorporating the inner work into any outward physical change is sure to help make your upgrade stick.

How can Wendy help you?


Fashion & Style Coaching

Have you ever wanted your own personal stylist?

Deep down, you know you will feel a lot more like yourself in those quality clothes you've always wanted. Together, we'll assess your colors, styles, shapes, and cuts to go as deep as you want into upgrading your look. We'll clean out your closet (literally and metaphorically) to expose the incredible person you are — and maybe even flaunt it to the world.

Sometimes all it takes is to LOOK different to feel your best

Weight Loss & Weight Maintenance Coaching


I lost 50 pounds twice! I struggled with going up and down throughout the years, and finally created a program that works. Studies suggest that having an ally in your self-improvement journey makes a huge difference! You can do it, and you don't have to do it alone.


Meet Staci

  • Staci struggled for years to lose weight.

  • She wanted to lose weight, but her husband wasn't exactly on board.

  • We started our coaching with the goal to remove any mental “weight” & motivate Staci to start making small, incremental changes.

  • Turns out, the key to Staci's success was to help organize her kitchen! (Her husband eventually got on board, and joined in on their weight loss goals.)

  • Staci lost 30 pounds from December to end of April 2023.

  • . . . and now she’s back to her High School weight!

"Wendy has a way about her that brings out my true feelings. I trust her with the truth. She works with me reaching my core and explores with me my stuff. Her caring, cheerful, passionate, instinctive personality is what is needed for me to respond and figure out myself. She is able to relate and share some of her own struggles and how she managed them to make her a better person. Her educational background coupled with her life experiences and passion for people comes through with flying colors. She is a pleasure to work with.”

Tami, Marin CA


For over 20 years, Wendy has worked as a fashion consultant, motivational leader and life coach helping individuals like you to:

  • upgrade their wardrobes and become fashionable!

  • increase energy, vitality, and enthusiasm for life

  • lose weight & maintain a healthy weight

  • get organized (in home & closet!)

  • experience lasting confidence

  • create sustainable changes in habits that create lifelong positive shifts in identity: who you are.

As a Certified Life Coach and over 18 years with Weight Watchers, Wendy knows what works best for maintaining the YOU you want to be!

Looking for a keynote speaker or workshop facilitator to motivate and impact your team? Hire Wendy to speak

Want to find out what your colors are? Schedule a free 30-min video consultation today!

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Did you know there's a style created specifically for your unique and beautiful shape? Find out yours.

Create your personal style on purpose, with purpose.

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"I am devoted to empowering people to live more abundant lives from a place of courage, confidence, love and resolve."

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